Visual Studio, Java, Lisp, C++ and Assembler. 
  Application development tools: Oracle Developer, PowerBuilder, Kappa-PC, KPWIN++, OSF/Motif 2.0, Tcl/Tk, CodeWarrior for PalmOS and Java/J2ME.
  Database systems: Oracle 9i Enterprise, Sybase and Postgres. 
  CASE tools: Select Systems Engineer and Oracle Designer. 
  Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows ME, Linux, Novell Netware. 
  Networking Equipment: A range of edge and enterprise class switches and routers including Cisco 16xx, 25xx, 26xx, 35xx, 4000, 6509, 8510 as well as 3-Com Corebuilder ATM equipment and Wireless Access.
  Security & Management Tools: Checkpoint Firewall, Internet Security Scanner, Real Secure IDS, Cisco IDS, Cisco PIX, Cisco Security Manager, Cisco Works.
  Telephony: IP Phones with Cisco Call Manager, Dialogics/Intel IP Gateway and IVRS & Call Centre development tools.
  Statistics and Mathematics applications: SAS and Data Warehouse.
  Microsoft Office applications and Oracle Internet Developer Suite. 
  Enterprise Resources Planning : SAP.
Free open-source software : Firefox, Netbean, OpenOffice and Mozilla 
  Web development platforms : BEA Weblogic