The Object-Oriented Technology Centre (OOTC) was established in 2001. The Centre conducts applied research and development work in object oriented and visual modeling technologies. Its major strengths are in the Unified Modeling Language, visual modeling and object oriented CASE tool technologies. The Centre also provides excellent learning resources and actively seeks collaborative projects with industry.
The OOTC completed an ITF research project in collaboration with ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. and The University of Hong Kong in 2004. The project was concerned with the application of visual modeling technology to manufacturing automation. The total value of the project was HK$3.5M over a period of two years. Based on the findings of this project, the Centre secured another major project (approximately HK$10M) funded by ITF and local industry partners in the area of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Open Standards in 2004. The International Open MDA Consortium was launched by the Centre in March 2005.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • to promote professional practices of object-oriented software engineering in Hong Kong
  • to share research findings and expertise with industry through collaborative projects with industry
  • to produce quality graduates trained in object-oriented technology for the software industry
  • to maintain and consolidate its position as the centre of excellence in the object-oriented technology in the region.
OOTC fosters the research areas including :
  • Object-oriented Re-engineering
  • UML CASE Technology
  • Visual Development Environment
OOTC has invented the following products :
  • Visual Paradigm for UML
  • Smart Development Environment
  • DB Visual Architect
  • Teamwork Server